You guys. You guys you guys you guys THIS IS AN INTERESTING TWIST.

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n really a bd buuuut um my COW HIDES arrived.


Nothing is wrong with this, still.

Insomnia, sleet-coated skylight, feets.

Catherine, I just called a car to take me home and thought I was saying “I need a car to the Upper East” and said “I need a car to the Gem Bowl.”

we would be very happy together

Right now I really just want a bowl full of gems I can idly sift through my fingers.

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septentrionalia replied to your photo “I cannot wait for Laini to get married so I can get my life back. Who…”

Oh my god those shipping charges you couldn’t get it with Prime?

It was not Prime eligible purchase but the Erotic Mad Libs were.

Fair. I’ll have you know my two cow hides shipped free of charge.
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Degenerate Interval

I think I am part of like, a microgeneration that combines all the malaise and cynicism of Gen-Xers with the thin-skinned clinginess of millenials. The upper bound on this is people three months older than me, like Dan, who doesn’t like Tumblr, the lower is I dunno, people who were college freshmen when Canal Jeans closed? We all are, or have been librarians. We do post slutty selfies but we take them down really fast. We care about the environment, like, some.

I’ve got a bunch of great marketing insights for sure totally get at me before my rates skyrocket.