Hail and good Woden’s Day, sisters. 

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Room booked for the week each fall I pretend I live in LA.

It’s that time of year when the firm puts Juggalo makeup on me for my website portrait #insanelitigatorposse

about right. Happy New Years you freaks

I go to NY Presbyterian on the far east side for physical therapy every Wednesday. This woman is always at the main information desk with the most amazing enormous hats. She is my queen.

If I don’t find a New York boyfriend for work friend/heart queen Jamie she’s gonna move. This is my only occupation now.

All the leg-wide-apart subway bros take heed, dude is putting you to shame taking up THREE seats at once.

@laurafeinstein is the best gift-giver #charmcore

Look at this shit I still don’t sit that gracefully.

Clo makes her grandparents eat actual meals at her tiny table. Like I came over and they were all doing this.