All the leg-wide-apart subway bros take heed, dude is putting you to shame taking up THREE seats at once.

@laurafeinstein is the best gift-giver #charmcore

Look at this shit I still don’t sit that gracefully.

Clo makes her grandparents eat actual meals at her tiny table. Like I came over and they were all doing this.

it was just easier to grab a fistful rather than one, required less precision

working late in late-capitalism

Tell him Large Marge sent ya…

meadoowwwww what did you dooooooo

I got this wrap dress from Zara in 2000 for what seemed, at the time, like an extravagant $75. It’s since seen me through interviews that netted me… a lot more than that in scholarships and salary, several weddings, a bunch of terrifying public speaking… engagements? And it’s in great shape - @cat_popper can attest. May we all find many surprise dresses like this over our lives. Praise Sekhmet.