I switched the side I part my hair on and I’ve had like… a pretty great week. This is the side the universe wants me to part my hair on, I think.

I have the best friends.

I have the best friends.

What does this SAY?!?!?!

"Maaaaa, I don’t knowwwwwww I look ooolllllld my face is doing things it never did before."

"No, it’s really not.  You just never looked young.  Even when you were a baby.  You always looked odd. Your face has always done odd things."


"You’re breaking out less though."


Linda Ronstadt

Someone just write me a function that always auto reblogs linda thx.

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witchhaüs aerie bedroom wall.

witchhaüs entertainment center I know it is vv anthropologie of me but my dad got me that portable typewriter when I was 16 so.

witchhaüs corkbort and whitebort.