This is a good game

Bless Max Sekhmet Planck, inventor of the microwave oven for his gift through time of this surprisingly good saag paneer.

@katie_bloom @catmolicious I had a long bus ride home.

Super high up graffiti clearly written by a ghost as is to be expected in #thrilladephia

Don’t worry you guys, I’ve ordered bandanas for the dog.

the eeeeeeeaaarzzzz

In case you were wondering if I was still a genius.

Interesting regional variation: there are lots of lemurs? tarsiers? that kind of primate. In Philadelphia Tinder.

It’s so weird those are primates because they’re clearly rodents, said the skilled scientist.

Pretty sure the dog grew during the 24 hours I was in Philadelphia.

serious question does anyone rlly fold clothes in their drawers